‘THE IMPACTED MIRROR: THE VIOLENCE OF LIFE’ is a large scale series of non-representational wall mounted organic mirrors utilizing Sigmund Freud’s ‘automatism’ (“free association”) one of the intended core tenets of Surrealism. Each art piece from this series employs a complex puzzle network of individual floating points encased in Film and Television light re-directional materials.

The assemblage while serving as a mnemonic and real life fractured abstraction and symbolization of reality paradoxically represents the good and bad that resides in all of us. The art is a manifestation of the collective troublesome circumstances presented to humanity both past and present. This disagreeable predicament both psychological and unquestionably tangible presents itself as ubiquitous and postures itself deeply embedded in human history. Examples abound such as the rapacious desire for power, revenge, war, greed, envy, hate, racial and gender inequality, the darker side of Schadenfreude as well as interpersonal conflict to name but a few. The art through touching upon this subject matter is indisputably archetypical. We all serve as a repository to the aforementioned whether through osmosis or directly and dispense to a greater and lesser degree elements of ‘this energy’.

The usage of the mirror in art, literature and film has a rich history. We gaze into the mirror and reflect upon what has come to past in our lives and ruminate on what does the future hold, to contemplate the nature of existence, our immediate surroundings and imagine far distant lands, cultures and peoples. Francis Bacon spoke interestingly enough of “the violence of life“ near the later part of his own. In a world so consumed with hate, greed and vice. The cacophony of misery and despair that envelopes and surrounds us all if just only through our newspapers and television. ‘THE IMPACTED MIRROR: THE VIOLENCE OF LIFE’ in many ways mirrors this ethos. While it is in the opinion of Murray that Bacon transformed and envisaged a ‘beautiful horror’ for us all now to see the true reality. Antithetically Murray channels this self- evident truth to create “the beautiful” and allows the viewer to gaze into the mirror and provide their own rumination and analysis. However abstract, non-representational and providing a fractured reflection the subject matter still remains the same.

The first from ‘THE IMPACTED MIRROR: THE VIOLENCE OF LIFE’ series consists of 174 wood core floating points encased in Film and Television light re-directional materials. Each piece is mounted to sit at a maximum of 8 ¼’’ from the wall residing on an acrylic rod mounted into a polycarbonate backing (the basis of bullet proof glass), thus ensuring easy mounting and a virtually indestructible backbone to carry the weight of the art. All pieces are provided a 1/8’’ separation from one another. Dimensions are: 7’ 10’’ height, 6’ 10’’ width by 8 ¼’’ depth. It weighs approximately 145lbs.

This is a highly complex wall mounted organic puzzle. Construction of this art piece took place in several different studio spaces over a period of several years. All wood core surface areas are fully encased from the front and sides to the bottom. This Film and Television light re-directional material provides a glistening jewel like quality to the art work.
The art can be shipped in two separate easily alignable pieces for wall mounting upon arrival at destination and notably can be mounted into 4’x 8’ drywall (16’’ separation wood or metal studs), solid marble, concrete or wood.

All 174 pieces are removable by screwdriver from the back as this is a modular construction. All 174 pieces reside on the two easy alignable polycarbonate backing parts.
Materials and Machines: 5’’ Random Orbit Sander, Oscillating Spindle Sanders, Jigsaws, Film/Photo lab Gloves, Syringes and Needles, Krazy Glue, Razors, Clamps, Weldbond Wood Glue, Film and Television Light Re-Directional Materials, Acrylic Rods , Plastics Adhesive, Screws, Polycarbonate Sheets, Power Drills, Sandpaper of various grits (hand sanding to glass like finish) and a Gravitational Laser Guide.