This sculptural work from ‘ The Dream Series’ called ‘The Illusion of Linear Time ‘is an organic futuristic presentation functioning on four dimensions – length, width, height and time which is programmable. This is a contemporary organic mnemonic non-representational piece of artwork. It is an abstract mnemonic device utilized in regards to the illusion of linear time and the nature of reality. Physical and time components that most of us understand are merely illusory and transitory.


This piece complements the curatorial vision of Nuit Blanche through the epiphany of inspiration through dreams and insomnia. ‘The Illusion of Linear Time ‘is a magnificent work of art in both scale and quality. This piece of art represents a mnemonic device visualized as an abstract form. Kagame utilized this device and form several years ago in regards to a theory involving theoretical particle physics/the illusion of linear time and the nature of what we call reality. Simply put this art piece represents weakly interactive colliding universes. This multiverse interaction manifests itself in our notion of the nature of reality. The nature of reality as we know it, the physical and time component are merely illusory and transitory. This is the mnemonic device Kagame has created to capture this idea and deliver to the art and scientific world. This is contemporary art addressing the most fundamental of questions, ‘the nature of reality ‘.This sculpture is complete and beyond any question of a doubt highly original. Organic non–representational and deceptively simple in shape however vastly complex in design and intent.


The dimensions are 7’ 4” high, 6’ 9” wide and 4 ½” deep. Production involved constructing many moulds, followed by pouring hundreds of pounds of tinted transparent liquid plastic. The formed plastic was then threaded with close to a mile (over 4000 ft.) of fibre optic tails. This art piece weighs nearly 400 pounds. It has been meticulously sanded and polished to a glass like finish inside and out along with ultraviolet radiation protection in the actual materials. The artwork also has an ultraviolet radiation protection shield filtering the light coming from the fibre optic illuminator. These elements of production are necessary to preserve its natural colour and transparency .The artist has built this piece of artwork to last perhaps for hundreds of years from now. It is programmable to 2/100 (error ratio) of a second over the period of an entire year. Colour and lighting intensity can change in a fraction of a second with the ability to program and pinpoint specific moments in time to achieve special lighting events. Birthdays, eclipses, sunsets, sunrise, hours, minutes and fractions of a second for the day and night! The illuminator can burn at almost 5000 kelvin. This is nearly the brightness of the sun and when not illuminated the artwork is in fact a very light baby blue in colour. It should be noted that these are end emission fibre optic tails, which in some way act as side emission tails thus the light pumps out of the tips rather brightly. In addition, light emits out the sides of the tails particularly when the fibre tail is involved with a sharp turn or curve. This is a truly unique sculptural piece of artwork with an exaggerated lighting spectacle achieved through a mirrored backing in which all of the fibre optic cables are packed in like a tightly woven spaghetti.

An incredible success `THE ILLUSION OF LINEAR TIME`, presented at Nuit Blanche 2013,Toronto was viewed by over 10,000 people through the duration of its stay at The Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto. Held over for one extra week at the hotel in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada it was much admired and received television coverage from all of the major networks (CBC, GLOBAL TELEVISION,CP24) in Canada as well as local news, print and online media. Illuminating a meditative dream like aura night after night it was very well received by the public. Accolades abound for its complex beauty and unique construction and lighting qualities. Many came to stand and stare as it slowly morphed through colour sequences and to have their pictures taken with it. Although quite visible from a distance in the courtyard it was much more profound as viewers moved towards to experience its complex interwoven endless thousands of feet of fibre optic tails residing inside.


Integrating art and technology this piece of contemporary art beautifully complemented the five star exterior of The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto. A complex computer program with seemingly no beginning or end preformed endless slow motion ebb and flow colour contortions. Partial phases slipping and revealing several colour variations at once only to roll back upon itself and then slip once again yet further into another set of vibrant colour dances mesmerized all those who came within its presence.


The artist would like to express an immense gratitude to Scotiabank, Toronto City Hall and of course The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto for the opportunity of such a high profile platform to unveil `THE ILLUSION OF LINEAR TIME` to the public whether viewed in person, on television or in print. The artist is also most appreciative to all of the public who came out for its duration and spent their time examining, touching, photographing and discussing its lighting capabilities and meaning.